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BMW de San Francisco m’a aide dans cette realisation ...

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BMW San Francisco pour leur sponsor matériel. Merci surtout à Larry, Issa et Abbot pour leur aide considérable à la préparation de cette odyssée et pour m'envoyer les pièces à prix coutant durant ce voyage !

Al Jesse et son équipe pour avoir lui-même ajusté mes caisses et posé gratuitement des supports de caisse sur la moto.

BMW of Santiago pour m'avoir aidé considérablement alors que ma moto tombait de fatigue après la rude épreuve bolivienne.


Avant de partir

Raf van Dyck pour son aide de dernière minute afin de mettre ce site en route.

Ma copine très drôle Anita, grincheux Bill, zarbi Fred et frenchy Mark pour leur aide considérable et sympathique durant ses longs mois de préparation.

Alexandra, Mary-Anna, Claire, Véro, Joe, Mark, Vlad, Irina, Jen, Chris and Erin, Brad, John, Karl, Souli, Benjamin, Kari, Jim, Ulric... leur soutien chaleureux.

Danny&Elke et Nicolas pour m'avoir donné le goût de l'aventure à moto.

Tous mes amis pour leur respect et leur soutien dans ce projet.

Un gros bisou (baveux...) à ma drôle de famille pour m'avoir faire apparaitre sur terre, m'avoir donné cette éducation et surtout pour m'avoir transmis ce petit grain de folie qui me permet pas mal de liberté dans la vie.

... traduction en cours......

Pendant le voyage

I can't count how many people I need to thank because I met so many and (with a few exceptions) they were all warm, so generous and interesting. But here are the people who definitely made a difference among the others.

Mentioning first, my travel partners: Brad and Melissa, Tim, Jeremiah, Ivan, John, Sacha, Jim...

Gato (and the whole team), Felix, Jorge, Marbel and Oscar in Buenos Aires. So nice to share evenings with you and learning about the Argentinian culture. Buenos Aires was by far my favorite town.

Oscar and Sonia in Ushuaia. Well, one of the two best welcome during this trip. I thought I would be bored in Ushuaia and would turn around very quickly, but staying with you and Corina, Balam, Chris and Juan was just awesome. Thwo weeks was not enough to enjoy the end of the world and its extreme weather. I will be back one day, may be not on a motorbike, but I will be back. And sure enough, I will squat again your dining room floor :) Thank you thank you thank you.

Lucy and Julio. Sorry to have missed you in Puerto Madryn. It would have been a pleasure to spend more time with you.

Theresa and all the people in Coihaique for their amazing help and good mood. I can't think of better people somewhere else in the world. Everybody there was just super friendly.

Vincent, the young 78 years old French traveler, finishing his 18-year trip around the world.

Michael, for having the same passion for this trip. Unfortunately, we couldn't ride together.

The BMW team in Santiago and Roberto for helping me in getting this tired bike in shape.

Luis the Chilian and Kjell the Norwegian, for their HUGE HUGE help carrying my non-ridable bike from the border Chili/Argentina to Santiago. I was crying like a baby in this cold rain, I was tired (well hungover), my engine was in bad shape, my bike was parked in a very dangerous place and nobody wanted to help me even 5 seconds. My courage came back when I saw the warm Norwegian smile of this guy stopping in order to help me. And my good mood came back when Luis arrived with his pick up truck to save my dear motorbike! It has been the best "high/low" of the trip, an unforgetable moment for life...

Meeting Marc in Uyuni and then seeing him again in Tupiza on his way to a farm and the hard life of the Bolivian labor.

Todd and Christina, met very briefly in Uyuni on their 350cc Yamahas.

Meeting with the French and Canadians in Potosi. Can't stop thinking about this horrible woman in Uyuni though, what a bitch! At least we had a good laugh about it :)

Gert in Sucre and the fun ride on the "blue" bike!

Frederic in Cochabamba and his wonderful idea of going to La Higuera. Yes, it turned out to be an excellent ride that is definitely the best adventure I had during the whole trip, but it was tough...

Jean-Paul, the Germans, the Austrians... so many people met between Cusco and Copacana. The most amazing was that I didn't know you, but you knew who I was! Every biker knew who was the French lady alone on her yellow bike.

Jeff at the Norton Rats in Cusco. Thank you for this bar where all the travelers can meet...

The KTM shop in Lima...!!! I really enjoyed fixing my bike there, I learned a lot about mechanic, and it was just noce to meet surch warm people. Thank you very much.

The week vacation with Jen to the Sun Temple. This friend, as a very good friend, made the trip all the way to Peru to visit me for a while. Ok, we didn't hike the Inca Trail but we had some other good fun.

The friends in Huaraz, Ibett, Marcello... the Japanese on their 250CCs. So much fun to be there and break down in the middle of the Cordillera Blanca.

Aaah, the Sam family in Trujillo, this town stuck in this horrible flat, foggy and windy desert along the Pacific coast in Peru.

The fun fun fun moment in Ambato. You guys with Oscar and Sonia in Ushuaia have been the 2 best welcome of the trip. Fun riding, good conversations, excellent laughs... I wish life was only leading me to people like you, it would be awesome.

Juan Carlos and The baby in Salento. I whish I could have been back to Ibague and spend more time with you guys.

The fun group of Bogota sharing visits, drinks, cooking lessons, good fun, good laughs... Excellent.

The quick visit in Managua, Nicaragua at Monsieur "Pas de Bol". Sorry for getting lost again... But Managua has some serious progress to do with addressing!

Bernard and Rosemary in San Salvador. I was very sick with high fever and had been taking care of so well during 4 days. Thanks for the French taste you gave me, it was needed at this time of the journey.

Melanie and all the friends in Caio Belize. It was like coming back home after 5 years I was working there. The presentation at the school was also a lot of fun.

Omri, great Omri in Guatemala, helping Brad and I so much to find tires and other needs. Was lot of fun to stay at your house.

The mecanics near Tuxla for fixing my fuel pomp a second and last time.

Esther, Armando and Diego at Reforma for inviting me for breakfast and sharing interesting stories.

The Magali family, for hosting me during 4 days in order for me to fix my fuel pomp.

The "cousins" in San Rafael, Mexico. It was so much fun to find relative of relatives of my mom in this remote part of the world. You guys have the best story of my entire trip. Everybody liked the fact that I found cousins in Mexico and people are still asking me to tell this story.

The "Creel Chat Club" for their fun going around. A very good time also with you guys there.

Patchie in Tuscon for letting us work on our bikes in the garage.

Mike and Cindy in Phoenix, trying to hide me from the heat... and helping me with this heating bike.

Chris and Erin in Boulder... rethinking packing. Well, thos guys are pros for packing after their 4 years riding around the world :)

Bill and July in Helena, Montana for their fricky stories!!

Pete and Lynn in Calgary letting Sacha and I stay and enjoy the Calgary Stampede, my first rodeo ever!

The fun weekend in Keno with "Mister Funckengruven", CJ, Jim, Ivan in our funny cabin.

Sandy and the guys is Dawson City for the fun Canada day and the few days in Dawson recovering.

CJ in Tok. Will never, NEVER forget that awesome salmon. And... how to change tires!

The excellent week with Ivan, the Argentinian traveling on his Honda Transalp. You owe me a few beers buddy after getting so much free ones because of my charm :)

Chris, Travis, Jen and the "fucking man" in Talkeetna. Was so much fun those few days there going rafting. My computer is still alive though!

The friends from the hostel in Homer.

Michael in Anchorage for hosting all of us a few times.

The friends from the boat between Bellingham and Valdez: Deb and Ken, the Germans, the Haiwian but especially John, Chad and Celes.

Kathrin and Bill for welcoming me in Olympia.

Jim's mom for hosting us the first night.

Petite histoire chez BMW à Santiago

"Enfin prète! vendredi 10 février. Et ce n’était pas une mince affaire cette moto. 1) Il a fallu que les mécanos travaillent après 6 heures pour finir la demoiselle. 2) Mon AMEX qui ne veut pas marcher... il a fallu téléphoner partout pour faire passer la note! 3) Le mécano revient du test de conduite et me dit: "il y a un problème très important à ton frein avant!" ... Le disque est tordu et touche le caliper (sais pas comment on dit en français). Comment tout cela est arrivé est un peu un mystère car mes patins de frein ne paraissaient pas s'user anormalement... Donc voila que tout le petit monde autour de moi s’affaire à mesurer, regarder, analyser, parler, expliquer. Je suis vite entourée de tous les mécaniciens, du directeur des ventes (plutôt beau gosse), du directeur financier et de Monsieur Grand Chef BMW Santiago! Tous parlant dans leur jargon incompréhensible que ce n'est pas sùr de rouler ainsi et qu'ils n'ont pas les pièces de rechange sur place... donc je dis (dans ma manière de parler leur jargon): "ben oui, c'est évidant qu'il y a un problème mais je ne peux pas encore attendre 2 semaines que les pièces arrivent, dans ce cas je finis le voyage en stop!" Et Monsieur Grand Chef BMW Santiago me regarde et me répond: "Je n'ai pas les pièces, mais j'ai des motos neuves!" Et voila une belle petite 650 rouge toute neuve qui arrive, ma moto et la belle petite rouge sont mises à l'atelier et rapidement démontées. Je vois la tete de Basilio, mon fameux mécanicien, devenir blême. Les vis du "caliper" sont complètement fichues. Ce frein aurait pu se décrocher à n'importe quel moment (ça aussi c'est un mystère). Mon disque est mesure avec un millimètre de jeu!! Et voila les nouvelles pièces remontées sur ma loulou. Monsieur Grand Chef m'explique que cette situation est très rare, que normalement ils ne démontent pas les motos neuves pour remplacer les vieilles, mais il comprend mon problème et veut m'aider. Je le remercie, bien sur, mais m’inquiète tout de même du cout de l’opération (ça peut encore être une histoire de 1500 dollars)... Monsieur Grand Chef me dit: "Je ne te compte pas la main-d'oeuvre et te donne les pièces à prix coutant!" Et il me tend le bras avec sa carte de visite et le numéro d'urgence de BMW en cas de soucis n'importe ou au Chili... !!!????!!!!!???? Moi j’étais là, vraiment "gloups", je ne savais pas vraiment quoi dire, ce mec me connait à peine et fait tout ça pour moi... Vraiment j’étais prise entre la joie et l’incompréhension, pouvant à peine sourire et dire merci. Donc voila comment je suis sortie à 21 heures 30 de chez BMW avec une moto fonctionnant comme au premier jour et toute prête pour la dernière partie de route qui me reste à asilio et tous les autres. Bref... me voila maintenant la personne la plus heureuse de la planète, croyez-moi. Je vais faire de beaux rêves ce soir"