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After 7 years working in emerging countries, I need a little rest !  A new adventure is in preparation but before realizing this one, I need to finish the books of my American and Afghan adventures ! ... And why not the rest because a lot of things happened since Afghanistan ?!

To finish the books, I need some sponsor ;

so, welcome to the ones interested in this kind of challenge !

As my solo motorcycle Trans-American odyssey ended, I was supposed to jump again on a motorbike with some girlfriends and ride the Silk Road but unfortunately the project did not go through. Short after the disappointment of not riding the Silk Road "yet", I got the opportunity to fly to Afghanistan for a mapping project, which I took. Originally gone for 6 months, I ended up working 3 years in the hectic city of Kabul and its very challenging living conditions. Then, life continued internationally between work and ride but now together with my lovely husband :)

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Email me at: info@annamotodiva.com

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less with that missing drop" – Mother Theresa

I am looking for a benefactor !