Why traveling?

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I got lucky in life, I had two rock & roll parents who brought me up in a very funny and open-minded family, and surrounded by a very eclectic group of friends. Also, I grew up in France, a peaceful and highly educated country. These were the start of a very strong web which allowed me to find a very interesting path through life between responsibilities and leisure.

Over the years, traveling is helping me to make the connections between human and nature, I understand better the strength of traditions, its contrast with the human need for progress, and I discover how history has given so many different tones to values. The more I travel, the more I realize how the world is such a complex machine and life such a complex engine!!

Today, I am enjoying the freedom of realizing some of the greatest dreams that are passing by my brain. The scale of time and space has tremendously changed to become close to indefinite; visiting a friend in San Francisco is just like going for a coffee at my neighbor’s in Le Val d’Ajol. My way of discovering the world has shaped differently and my understanding of the people has opened drastically.

The thing I like the most when I wander around: meeting people and sharing a good talk around food and drinks...

The most beautiful things that I have seen around the blue planet are: Bacalar Chico in Belize, Rila monastery in Bulgaria and the Taj Mahal in India.

The most incredible thing that happened to me: convincing Air France crew to have the very precious kites made by Afghan street kids for the French homeless people in the cabin and not in the baggage hold where they would have been destroyed… These kites, simply transporting a message of hope to end this horrible war, were being handled like if they were made of crystal! ... I was amused; Wealth had a very different definition that day ;)

... There is always something more behind a trip... something stronger!

As years are passing by, a life is being built, a life writing its own definition of the word “HUMANITY”!