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Since I was born, many dreams have been shaking inside my little brain and my inspiration could not stop observing those greatest adventurers like Jean-Louis Etienne or Steve Fossett.  Little by little, my determination started turning dreams into projects and like these conquerors of “The Extreme”, the principle is simple;

there are no limits to great projects, just issues to solve along the way!

2011: a nice and well-deserved relaxing time at home
Staying at home allowed me to re-discover my village but with my adult’s eyes. Marc and I did many things from hiking or skiing in the mountains, enjoying concerts at “Chez Narcisse” (a local eclectic pub hold by the Collot family since 1885), going to local markets, enjoying a “Val Heureuse” (our local beer) at those fun local music festivals and participating to the 100th anniversary of our city hall.

2010: Tour of the Balkans – motorcycle – 3 weeks
The test trip with my lovely boyfriend Marc... He was driving, I was guiding... a fun journey all the way through the sadness of the war in the Balkans all the way to Albania.

2009: Russia – Moscow, the Volga River, St Petersburg – Cruise ship – 2 weeks
What a great family trip! Trucked up from one palace to another, cradled by traditional Russian songs, thrilled by the bloody Russian history… and of course comforted at night by all kinds of local vodka!

2008: First wonderful Christmas at "Musee des Arts Forains" in Paris organized by "Les Compagnons de la Nuit", an association welcoming people, homeless or not, to share ideas and promote each other's know-how.
Enter the wonderful Christmas here (site in French only)

2007 / 2008 / 2009: treks and visits in Northern Afghanistan
Each trip was always different because of the weather, the place and the people... One trip with a movie maker chasing the Afghan history, the other one in deep snow with some expatriate colleagues, or another one with Afghan friends eating kebabs near the very rough Panjshir river... Afghanistan was a very eclectic adventure!

2005 / 2006, 10-month solo motorcycle trip from Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, to Argentina, Ushuaia
The ultimate freedom, a true human adventure, the journey of a lifetime!
Live the adventure again here…
This project was strongly supported by BMW of San Francisco but also by Al Jessee Luggage and BMW of Santiago

2004: Baja California – motorbike and car – 2 weeks
Got so cold sleeping in the tent in late December in altitude at minus something degrees!

2003: Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, San Francisco, California
Got stuck in the water! Currents are very strong in San Francisco bay….
This project was sponsored by my company Tele Atlas

2003: India – taxi – 1 month
The best!!!! Trying to understand "body language" between Indian people… this is incredible how these guys can hold an entire conversation with only 3 words and tons of hand and head signs!

2002 to 2005: treks and visits around California and North America

2001: Midnight Sun in Sweden and Norway – car – endless time
Got disturb by the endless days… got confused about time and space...

2001: French Guyana – public transportation – 1 month
What a souvenir than going up the Maroni river on John's pirogue, a Bod Marley flag floating in the back of the boat, passing rapids, stopping in villages for food and drinks, enjoying the beautiful rain forest and… shaking hands of local drug dealers!!

2000: first triathlon in Gerardmer, France
The challenge: not being hit by other swimmers' movements!

1999: Belize, southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala – public transportation – 3 weeks
The best of the best: the paradise of Bacalar Chico with my very good Belizean friend Melanie, a few sharks and a huge army of mosquitoes!!!

1998: West USA – car – 2 weeks with the students from Corpus Christi, TX and 2 weeks on my own
Camping in America was so enjoyable and American people were just soooo friendly and welcoming :) Got hosted every night for barbecue :) … but the funniest was actually this Indian guy who made us dance an Indian choreography to thank the gods while Mike was fixing his smoking car!!!

1995: Tour of the Carpathian Mountains – car – 1 month
The challenge: riding through Romania without exploding a tire… of course did not succeed! Some potholes were just too big… a good opportunity to explore a car mechanic shop and practice our Romanian :)

1993: Israel and Palestine – public transportation – 1 month
What a human adventure than being 100 boy and girl scouts together exploring the bases of our Judeo-Christian culture

1992: Czechoslovakia – car – 2 weeks
The most difficult; reaching Liberec with a blown up gasket… so many stops along the road to cool down the engine… so many good moments to meet locals!

1991: Denmark – car – 1 week
Tomato herring, onion herring, yellow curry herring, red curry herring… herring, herring, herring…!!!!!!!!!!!

Before that… many treks on foot or by bicycle around France…

... But why traveling?... Why?

A dream is floating in the air of traversing continents with a low energy flying device… but this is still at the stage of dream…