About me

About me
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As I always say, I feel like I was born on a roller coaster…

I was born in France, 30 something years ago. I grew up in the French country village, Le Val d'Ajol. At an early age I had the taste of adventure while hiking, biking, driving and wild camping with family and friends across the French mountains and Europe. My interests have always centered on geography, sport (triathlon), traveling and laughing :) … At the age of 20, I left my village to become a land surveyor and cartographer. My study, work and dreams brought me travel around the world:


People gave me many nicknames over the year... here is a sample!

The “Crazy French Girl”. The colleagues in Belize ended up calling me like that... because I was trying to convince them that in France we eat "ghost" cheese (instead of goat cheese!) … and because I kept singing that "I was the King of Bongo Bong" ...

“The Moto Diva”... One day I bought a cap from this wonderful store in Boulder, Colorado: "Outdoor Divas"! As I wore the cap, friends thought the Moto Diva would fit me well… Later on, Jim Hyde, my GS off-road instructor, used and abused this nickname!! But it is now with respect that people talk about "THE Moto Diva"!! May be I should think of copyrighting it!

“Mom” given my dream team in Afghanistan !! the 8 municipal engineers I trained for the addressing project ended up calling me this way... very cute, hey?

"All the Freaky People are making the Beauty of the World" –      Michael Franti