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This image represents a stencil used to produce paper maps drawn by hands and printed by magnetism process.

As my roller coaster life is permanently dancing between different kinds of projects centered on geography, sport, and travels, I had no other choice than becoming a land surveyor!

After graduating in 1999 from a French Land Survey and Geomatic Engineering school, I became licensed land surveyor but I never wanted to be Chartered and have my private land survey company; instead I developed my career towards geographical databases dedicated to commercial activities and land management.

Since my graduation, I spent a few years working in the telecom industry as a geomarketing consultant and in the car navigation industry as a process engineer and database quality project manager. In May 2007, I landed in Kabul to develop and manage a street addressing pilot project. When the project was finished, I decided to continue to work in Afghanistan as a land information specialist to develop concepts and mapping standards for information management systems dealing with land tenure security, infrastructure management, e-governance and e-commerce in Afghanistan.

The current task

We all know why the intervention in this part of the planet is necessary, we want to avoid more attacks such as 9/11, Madrid or London. Working in Afghanistan and its very fragile post-conflict situation has opened my mind to the world political and economical balance. Now the challenge for the West is to find solutions to stabilize a country with such a hectic history and strong traditions; the economical growth is one important key but how to make it happen?

While I was designing projects related to land issues, I realized that as long as people will not have a physical address to their homes, land tenure security will remain fragile, e-governance and e-commerce will not be developed properly, and therefore economical growth will have a hard time to find any traction. One of my last assignment when I was working for AIMS, the Afghan leader in Information Management Systems, was to train Afghan professionals to Street Addressing and Geocoding activities.

Unfortunately I had to leave Afghanistan as these past three years have been extremely tiring physically and mentally. It was a very hard decision to take as I enjoyed my last job at AIMS, especially the willingness of the Afghan engineers to succeed and the freedom that our CEO was offering. As I didn’t want to leave Afghanistan like this, I am trying my best to bring one more stone to this country in big chaos by releasing a book of my experience; read more about the book here…

The long term plan

My world experience adventuring extreme places has made me realize that the balance between environment and economy was very critical for human life. Today, as the climate is changing, the population is not only increasing but the people themselves are very demanding in terms of needs and comfort; drastic changes and lack of a strong system supporting those changes can jeopardize the human species. I believe that we have reached a point where the technology can really help understanding the world changes and support solutions to better develop the planet and find a fair balance between commerce and environment.

Of course, participating to the development of such solutions implies making a turn in my career and acquiring new skills. I am currently looking for a program dealing with Marketing and Innovation. The goal is to slowly loose the ties up with land survey and mapping in order to increase my knowledge and provide new ideas for commercial and environmental activities around the world.

Any idea is welcome; please email me at

“My job is my freedom !” -- my driver Alexandre